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From Elegant Solid Color Dress to Simply Wild, our range is endless!

Fabulous Italian Design in Sized Socks ...
100% Cotton; 100% Merino; 100% Silk
For Ladies & Gentlemen
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We have been selling luxury socks for well over a quarter century. Hundreds of thousands of pairs later, my personal opinion is that very few luxury makers have proven themselves to be consistently among the best. Our variety is endless. Women's, Men's, Sea Island Cotton, ExtraFine Merino Wool, Cashmere, or Silk, sized or stretch, casual or dress ... we have a sock which fills the bill.
Most of our brands are quite small, such as Marcoliani and Bresciani whose specialty is making beautiful, sized socks from 100% natural fibers, a rare blend of science and art. They work in cotton, merino, cashmere, silk, and much more! With a library of designs and a history to rival any, Bresicani's patterns are some of the most striking beautiful in our repertoire.

Ankle Length ... Mid-Calf ... Knee-Highs ... Over-the-Calf ... StayUps ... Thigh-Highs ... What Does It All Mean?   


How Many Luxury Socks???
59,500+ Pairs In Stock!
Luxury Sock Compilation

An Important Note About

How many different luxury socks are there? Not a clue! We currently have more than 32,500 pairs in stock.
Check the links above. The major types are all there. If you want something we haven't listed, just call or e-mail. We would be happy to research for you and either see if it is available or have it made for you.

Unlike most online sites, we are a personally oriented "Mom & Pop" shop. You can read more About Us down below. Our wares - at least, the ones we don't actually create here ourselves - come exclusively from Europe. More specifically, the traditional quality countries of Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Scotland, and a small family-run Canadian custom-maker for a few special pieces. Click here for more About Us.


Naturally, we prefer to sell dress socks in multiples rather than individually. Duh! On many of our regular, always-in-stock Dress & Casual socks, we offer discounts for purchases of six or twelve of the same brand.

Within each brand, if you purchase 6 pairs, the price is automatically reduced by 5%. Purchase 12 or more pairs and your cart will show a 10% reduction. This is in addition to your Member Reward Dollars! When sock discounts and Rewards Dollars are coupled, your total benefit can be as much as 20%! You can mix 'n match colors within each sock brand to bring your total up to the 6 or 12 discount level.

Bresciani 1970 is a smaller, artisanal Italian maker. A few years ago, they set out to create a line of socks which would exceed the quality of Pantherella. They have succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. The quality of the Bresciani socks far exceeds Pantherella. Pantherella's sale a few years back to inexpensive British sock maker H.J. Hall further dimmed their future prospects.

During recent years, we have continually increased the variety of our Bresciani offerings ... and received nothing but raves from our clients. Thus, in keeping with our eternal quest to offer only the best quality available, we have now converted our many of our in-house created designs to the wonderful Bresciani line.

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Elegant Solid Color Dress:

Cotton 5x3 Ribbed Solid Colors
Cotton Wide Rib (Flatter) Solid Colors
100% Cotton Solid Dress Colors
100% Merino Solid Color
80/20 Merino 5x3 Rib Plain Color

Always-in-Stock Casuals:

Contrast Top-Heel-Toe Soft Cotton Casuals
Plain Soft Pima Cotton Casuals

Men's and Women's Sized Dress Hose:
100% ExtraFine Merino Solids
100% Egyptian Cotton Lisle (fil d'ecosse)
Fancy Conservative

ExtraFine Merino Herringbone Stripe
ExtraFine Merino BirdsEye

Cotton Lisle Birdseye
Cotton Lisle Pin Dot

When it comes to socks, we don't sell every brand under the Sun, not particularly caring how we get your money out of your wallet. We sell ONLY Marcoliani, Bresciani, and Zimmerli. They are the best ... and the best is what we are known for. (Plus we've still got some Pantherellas from the good old days.) You want great socks? We've got them ... about 26,000 pairs. For Him ... or for Her. We take extreme pride in not only the quality of the socks we offer, but also in the extreme breadth of our collection. From the most staid black merino dress sock to the wildest ginger-orange horizontal stripe, you'll find it here.

We also stock the internet's largest luxury underwear line for men and women - over 150 styles from Switzerland's famous Zimmerli of Switzerland always in stock - and Begg Scottish Cashmere Scarves, the World's finest. We offer delicious gloves from Alpo Guanti, neckties made in Italy by RVR, Pajamas, Robes, Pocket Squares, Irish Linen Handkerchiefs, ExtraFine Merino Sweaters, Sea Island Polo Shirts, Custom-made Scottish Cashmere Sweaters ... and more.

If you have any questions or need more information ... please don't hesitate to call us at Toll-Free at 866-267-7909 or e-mail any time. Outside the U.S. dial +01-631-267-7909. Our goal is client satisfaction 100% of the time. We're a Mom and Pop shop and we're here to serve. For Real - no "associates", no "customer care reps", no "mucky-mucks in charge of mucking up" - Just Kabbaz (Alexander), Kelly (Joelle) & Sons (Damien, Conrad, Daniel, & Tucker). There is a bit more about our shop below if you're interested. Thank you very much for visiting us.


Begg of Scotland Cashmere Scarf

CustomShirt1.com Your Zimmerli of Switzerland Headquarters
... Since 1937
The ONLY shop - Worldwide - stocking the entire Zimmerli line.


Now, here's how this works: We could set up a big , fancy web site - like the big guys. We could carry every brand under the Sun - like the big guys. But we're not the big guys. We're the service-oriented small guys. As explained, we're a Mom & Pop shop ... literally!

Marcoliani Women's Sexy Cashmere Glitter Socks
Zimmerli of Switzerland Women's Lingerie 

That's most of us - Alexander, Damien, Conrad & Daniel - on the right pretending to cut custom shirts. 'twas a while back and Tucker wasn't yet born. After Tucker came along, he found his own niche answering client's e-mails. He's already hard at work. That's him on the left at his workstation.
But if you write or call, rest assured that one of us will be on the other end answering. We're reliably here Monday through Saturday from 7am until 11pm E.S.T. ... although since going online in 2000 we find our work week to be more like 24/7.

Zimmerli of Switzerland Men's Underwear  
Alexander S. Kabbaz

We don't have a fancy Flash e-commerce site - we leave that to those who sell hundreds of brands and specialize in none. For us, offering only the best and knowing our merchandise intimately is the most important thing.

That's Alexander on the left and Joelle on the right. After more than  30 years of offering Zimmerli, luxury socks, and more, we'd darn well better know our stuff! If you ever have ordering problems, just fax, e-mail, or call. We'll gladly handle your order for you. Need help with a size question? We're here. Not sure about a color or certain fabric selection? Just holler. We are happy to help.

By the way, what we're most known for is our fine custom shirts ... the 10-15 we've been hand-making each week from wonderful Swiss and Italian high-count cottons since the firm began back in 1937. You may have seen us in Departures magazine, Robb Report's Best of the Best, or one of many others. Shown below are a few of our shirts. We'll leave you with this: Thankfully we're better shirt makers than photographers!

Joelle M. Kelly
Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Bespoke Shirts 
Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke & Custom Shirts  Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke & Custom Shirts  Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke & Custom Shirts  Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke & Custom Shirts 
Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke & Custom Shirts  Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke & Custom Shirts 
Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke & Custom Shirts  Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke & Custom Shirts 
Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke & Custom Shirts  Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke & Custom Shirts 
Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke & Custom Shirts  Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke & Custom Shirts