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CustomShirt1.com Exchange Policy

Our ultimate goal since 1937 has been to have happy, satisfied clients. We don't want you to be stuck with an item which is incorrect for your needs or one which does not fit. Nor do we wish to be abused. If you follow our simple guidelines, everyone will be happy!

Happy You / Happy Us Guidelines:

  • If you are unsure of the particular style or fabric of the item you want, talk to us either by using our Contact Form or by telephone at 631-267-7909! After some 60+ years of advising our clients we are pretty good at helping figure out the right way to go ... and we're always happy to help. We may be able to figure it out right away ... or we may advise you to order one each of two different styles so you can pick the more suitable. Then you can return the other and place your order for more of the desired style. We respond to our contact form immediately.
  • If you are unsure of your size requirements, please read our Sizing Information and then talk to us either by e-mail (use this Contact Form) or by telephone at 631-267-7909! After some 60+ years of advising our clients we are pretty good at helping figure out the right way to go. In terms of sizing when you fall in the middle between two sizes, the answer usually lies in personal preference as regards snug or loose. We may be able to help you figure it out right away ... or we may advise you to order one each of two different sizes so you can pick the more suitable. You can then return the other and place your order for more of the desired size.

Happy You / Happy Us Guidelines Continued

  • If you are unsure of anything, please order only one of each of the two or three you think may be your final selection. Remember, we're issuing store credit and not a refund, so do not order more than you think you will want in total.

  • No matter what, if you are ordering one of something with the possibility you may wish to exchange it, be sure to let us know at the time of the order by using the message box on the Checkout form.

  • A word of extreme importance regarding briefs, panties, or boxers: It is against the law to return intimate items containing a crotch which have been tried on or worn. If you want to try two different sizes, be sure to request a disposable cotton try-on panty with your order. Wearing this while trying on the two sizes will keep them from touching your skin and thereby comply with the law. Returned bottoms are given a chemical bio-test. If they do not pass we cannot accept them back and no credit will be issued. Use the message box on the Checkout form to request the disposable try-on.

Exchange Procedure:

  • Notify us at by using our Contact Form. This is essential! Simply tell us which item you are exchanging and how it is coming (UPS, FedEx, Postal Mail, etc.). That way we'll keep an eye out for it and let you know if it doesn't arrive. If you are using the mail, we strongly advise you to use trackable mail as we cannot be responsible for items lost in transit. If you have not contacted us in advance received items will be held for 30 days and then discarded.

  • You will find it much faster either to speak with us in advance or to place a new order for the correct item and then await credit for the item being exchanged as returns usually require 2-3 weeks to arrive and be processed..

  • Send the item, neatly folded, in its original packaging with all tags to the following address:
    Kabbaz-Kelly at Artists' Woods, 403 Abrahams Path Box 594, Amagansett, NY 11930. The phone is 631-267-7909.

  • BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE EXCHANGE FORM (download below) with your name, a copy of the invoice (we always supply two copies) and anything else you would like us to know. Do not return disposable try-on panties - just discard them.

  • If you have already placed an order and paid for the replacement item, we'll credit your account. If not, we'll ship the replacement item. Standard domestic shipping rates (UPS $8.95) or the appropriate international rate will apply to sending your replacement item and will be charged to the account originally used for the purchase unless otherwise requested.

  • If the item was a gift, be sure to include the gift-giver's name and address!

Exchange Requirements:

  • Items for exchange must be like new, in their original packaging, and with all tags attached..

  • All items containing a crotch will be bio-tested and no credit will issue for items which fail the test. These items will be discarded or returned to you at your expense.

  • Be sure to send the item to be exchanged back within 15 days. Items received after the 15 day limit will be assessed a 25% restocking fee if they are accepted due to extenuating circumstances.

  • If for some extraordinary reason, such as the untimely passing of a client between ordering and receipt, an item is refundable, a 25% restocking fee plus all freight costs both outbound and inbound (if we paid for the return freight) will be charged.

  • Yes, we know these policies are stringent. The exceptionally high-quality items we offer are made in extremely small lots. As soon as you order an item, we contact the artisan and put a replacement item into work. Given the costs of the merchandise we carry, we simply cannot afford to have more in stock than we believe we can sell in a reasonable timeframe. If you are courteous and cooperate with our Happy You/Happy Us methods, we shall go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you prefer to treat us like a department store selling mass-made merchandise from China, we would rather you not order in the first place. Our small group of artisans depend upon us treating their time and extraordinary abilities with respect.