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Alpo Guanti Gloves
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Between writing orders, unpacking cartons from Europe, the ongoing photography, and designing web pages to bring it all to your screen ... sometimes it feels as if we receive new goodies every day of the year! So we written this What's New & Hot! page. Here we'll display the new items as they arrive so you don't have to search through our ever-expanding pages looking for what you haven't seen before.

We've just added this Current Trends section to keep you abreast of the latest in colors and styles ... and a few hints as to the most complimentary coordinates of the season. Winter/Spring styles feature three distinct color groups: Warm-toned Brown/Orange family, Jewel tones in the Amethyst/Purple range, and the ever-recurring Black & White theme.

Finally, we have our Bulletin Board of items for upcoming seasons ... the new designs we're commissioning and their hopeful - if everything goes according to plan - arrival dates.

Alexander Kabbaz & Joelle Kelly

Zimmerli Women's Wool Silk Limited Edition
New Limited Edition Wool Silk Set

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