The Finest ... or Nothing

Joelle Kelly and Alexander Kabbaz, our founders, are husband and wife as well as business partners for more than a quarter century. Not very different from most people ...  except for an insatiable passion for only the highest quality apparel that can be found. Excellence in craftsmanship, artisans consumed with inordinate attention to detail, unique fine garments designed with an eye toward longevity whilst maintaining excellent style and function ... these are some of the topics that set our pulses racing.

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A Kabbaz-Kelly Exclusive: Pure Merino Hand-linked Over-the-Calf Socks
Standard and Limited Edition Colors
A Kabbaz-Kelly Exclusive: ExtraFine Two-Ply Egyptian Cotton Over-the-Calf/Knee-High Socks
Left: Pink - Right: Charcoal

The Kabbaz-Kelly Brand

Of late, many iconic Western European brands have been taken over by venture capital groups and moved production to less talented countries.
We have a simple philosophy:
The Finest ... or Nothing.
The Kabbaz-Kelly brand is our way of maintaining our philosophy.
All Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons luxury products are created either here in our East Hampton studios or by small family-run Italian artisans. All carry a simple guarantee:
Show us better and ours are free.

Bresciani's Ultimate Thigh High Cashmere & Silk Fantasie Rib Thigh-Highs - Rare!
A Kabbaz-Kelly Design: Italian Silk & Cotton Spaghetti Top with Calais Lace
A Kabbaz-Kelly Design: Italian Silk & Cotton Boy Short Panty

Informational and Educational Articles

When it comes to writing about clothing, some have kindly called us prolific. Others, perhaps closer to the mark, have been heard to utter, "OMG ... not another article by Kelly & Kabbaz"! Wherever the truth may lie, there isn't much about what we offer which hasn't some sort of educational tome. From button-sewing and shirtings to garment care and socks, you'll probably find something - hopefully useful - in the 100+ articles here. Happy reading!

Socks: From Secret Handshake to Aphrodisiac ...

Socks: From Secret Handshake to Aphrodisiac ...

Wearing bold socks is more than an expression of your personality. It signals that you are part of the in crowd. It’s like a secret handshake for those who have arrived, and for those who want to.
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Bresciani 1970: Quality is the Only Criterion!

Bresciani 1970: Quality is the Only Criterion!

The Bresciani's are a very special family. Not only do they have their own fabulous designs, but they are one of only two wonderful Italian artisans we trust to make our Kabbaz-Kelly designs.

Thousands of clients who have upgraded to the Bresciani lines have not only raved about the fit and quality ... but, quite frankly, offered a bit of chastisement that we didn't do it sooner.Thank you Mario, Massimiliano, and Fabio!

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Socks and Hosiery Definitions

Socks and Hosiery Definitions

Thigh-highs are women's socks which come to mid-thigh.
So are StayUps. Men's Long Anklet is the same sock as one called Mid-Calf.Women's Knee-Highs are the same as Men's Over-the-Calf ... except for gender. Are Tights different from Pantyhose? Crew from Mid-calf? Thoroughly Confused yet?

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