Bespoke Two-Color Reversible Kidskin Braces & Suspenders for Men & Women

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We have been making bespoke braces for our clients for decades. After many years, we decided to photograph everything ... fittings, leathers, snakeskins, kidskins, lambskins ... so that we could offer these unique handmade furnishings here. As you will see below, there is a wide array of choices for you to make. Need inspiration? Visit our Artisan's Gallery of Braces.

Our handmade bespoke leather suspenders/braces differ radically from mass-produced braces. Ready-made straps are machine cut in strap form, raw edges and all. Unlike these, our bespoke leather braces are hand-cut then stitched and lined, as necessary, with our superb German interlinings. As such, they offer a very high degree of strength. With the exception of the two-color reversible lambskin and kidskin, the raw edges are then covered with a color-complimentary coating for the most sophisticated appearance.

Although many of our leather suspenders are requested using clip-on attachment construction, we also make ours available with traditional leather-to-button attachment fittings. These leather-to-button attachment components of our braces also differ markedly. Whereas the ready-made leather attachment parts are machine-stamped with raw edges showing, ours are hand-cut and the edges properly hand-turned under for an elegant, finished appearance as you can see in the photo. The most elegant fittings are lambskin which is soft and supple ... and available in a wide range of colors. Again and as necessary, all attachment fittings are lined with our German linings which provide extreme strength while retaining the leather's soft, supple qualities.

What are the leather differences?

  • Lambskin is our preferred choice as the softest and most supple leather which feels wonderful to wear and is available in a huge range of colors.
  • Butterball is a medium-soft leather with excellent strength and a semi-matte finish.
  • Kidskin it the hardest leather type and has a semi-gloss finish.
  • Snakeskin, our most dramatic style, is backed with a complimentary color of Butterball. Repeated changing of the length adjustment can damage the snakeskin surface.

Our preferred selections: As we're often asked ... our preferred suspenders or braces would be Lamb or Butterball with Center Bar or Prong Buckle Length Adjusters and Yokeless X-Back, Yokeless Single Back, or Y-Yoke. Personal preference is for the Clip On Attachment Style as this offers the most versatility for a garment which can be used for both Dress/Suit or Casual/Jeans wear.

How to Order: ... if you want help, just call. We're always happy to advise and can take your order by phone. Note that not all options are available for every design style or type of leather.
  • Bespoke Selections you need to choose:

  1. Strap Width
    • Half Inch - Women's Narrow
    • Three Quarters Inch - Women's Standard/Men's Narrow
    • One and One-Eighth Inch - Women's Wide/Men's Standard
    • One and One-Half Inches - Men's Wide
    • The suggested gender-based widths are designed to coordinate with average body mass ... but are definitely not set in stone. Order any width you prefer.
    • Not all widths are available in all leathers.

  2. Leather Color - See the Color Selector Image - Note that on Reversible Styles you'll pick two colors. The first color selection will be the way we ship the ready braces and you'll need to reverse when you want to show the second color. Reversing instructions are included.

  3. Length Adjuster Style - See the Length Adjuster Images
    • Center Bar Buckle (All Widths) - The lower bar holds the upper strap point firmly in place
    • Prong Buckle (1.25" Width Only) - The unseen "keeper" holds the concealed upper strap point firmly in place
    • Keeper Buckle (1.25" Width Only) The showing keeper holds the upper strap point firmly in place
    • Plain Buckle (All Widths) The upper strap point is not held in place
    • Adjuster Clip (1.5" Width Only) This traditional adjuster should be closed in place once and left there permanently as repeated length changing can mar the leather

  4. Attachment Style - See the Attachment Style Selector Images
    • Suspender Clips
    • Leather-To-Button (Requires buttons on the pants or skirt)

  5. Rear Yoke Style - See the Yoke Style Photos
    • Yokeless X-Back
    • Yokeless Single Back
    • Y-Yoke
    • Single Yoke
    • Double (Ring) Yoke with Single Cloth Elastic
    • Double (Ring) Yoke with Double Cloth Elastic

  6. Your Height

  7. Your Chest/Bust Measurement

  8. Your Pants Outseam Measurement

  • Your Height, Chest/Bust, and Outseam Measurements allow us to calculate the proper length
  • Metal Fitting components vary. Depending upon style details we use 24kt. Gold on Brass, Sterling Silver on Brass, Solid Brass, or Nickel on Brass
  • HandMade in the East Hampton Studios of Kabbaz Kelly
  • Delivery time: Hand-made creation of your suspenders or braces takes from 3 to 8 weeks depending upon a number of factors. If you need to request an exact delivery time, just Contact Us.
  • Want something you don't see? We can probably do it. Contact Us.