Custom Braces by Kabbaz-Kelly: Plaids Collection

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We have been making bespoke braces for our custom shirt clients for decades. After many years, we decided to photograph everything ... fittings, silks, leather, snakeskins, alligator ... so that we could offer these unique handmade furnishings here. As you will see below, there is a wide array of choices for you to make. Need inspiration? Visit our Artisan's Gallery of Braces.

One feature of our handmade bespoke braces differs radically from mass-produced braces. The straps of ready-made braces are machine made in strap form. Unlike these, bespoke braces are hand-made from top-quality woven tie silks and lined, as necessary, with our superb German interlinings. As such, they offer a very high degree of strength.

The leather parts (fittings) of our braces also differ markedly. Whereas the ready-made leather parts are machine-cut with raw edges showing, ours are hand-cut and the edges properly hand-turned under for an elegant, finished appearance as you can see in the photo. The most elegant fittings are lambskin, available in a wide range of colors, which are soft and supple.

How to Order:

  • Bespoke Selections you need to choose:
  1. Braces Fabric (Silk Design)
  2. Leather Color and Skin Type - See the Fittings Style Photos
  3. Attachment Style - See the Fittings Style Photos
  4. Rear Yoke Style - See the Fittings Style Photos
  5. Metal Color - 24kt Gold or Sterling Silver on Brass
  6. Also tell us our Height so we know how long to make the braces
  • All leather on these luxury braces has turned edges - no raw edges show
  • Pure silk braces are of fine woven silk, not stretch elastic
  • Made in the East Hampton Studios of Kabbaz Kelly
  • Metal Fittings are Gold or Silver plated on brass except the double yoke rear ring
  • Silks are woven in micro-batches. Once a certain design is gone, that's it forever!
  • Want something you don't see? We can probably do it. Just Contact Us.