A Kabbaz-Kelly Design: Italian Silk & Cotton Tap Pants with Calais Lace

$49.75 $99.50
  • Kabbaz-Kelly Fabulous Tap Pants with Calais Lace
  • Incredible 44% Silk/56% Luxury Cotton - Made in Italy
  • Available in stock in Sizes Small through X-Large

Kabbaz-Kelly by Cri & Gio is simply the pinnacle of all women's luxury intimates. Why? After years of watching artisan after artisan selling out to the venture capitalists and sadly changing their focus from quality to quantity, we've had enough. Working with our trusted friends Tamara and Elena, we set out to design the finest line of women's intimates ever made. Now, after two years of testing, revising, testing, revising, and testing again, we are incredibly proud to present our very first exclusive line, Tanami Silk & Cotton. As our first entry into the intimates field, this special 44% Silk/56% Cotton stands out far above all competition. Super-smooth. Super-soft. Super-sexy. And most importantly, Superbly crafted!

Our Tanami Basic line isn't large. Four panties and two tops. Available in an Iconic Ivory, Seductive Red, and Essential Black as well as the beautiful combinations of Black & Red and Ivory & Black

And now we're thrilled to introduce Tanami with Lace! Only three styles: Spaghetti Top, Bikini, and a beautiful new Retro addition, Fabulous Tap Pants.