Kabbaz-Kelly's Incomparable Certified Sea Island Cotton Polo Shirt

$325.00 $395.00
  • Kabbaz-Kelly's Incomparable Certified Sea Island Polo Shirt
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Made in Italy by Lorenzo Conti
  • Certified WISICA Sea Island Cotton Italian-spun By Emilcotoni
  • Mother-of-Pearl Buttons by Italy's reknowned Gritti family

Our fully-fashioned (knitted in one piece) exclusive Sea Island Cotton polo shirt is the result of many years of design and testing by the Kabbaz-Kelly family. All aspects of the polo, from the soft 3-button closure to the supple hem and collar construction are the result of extensive testing and design revisions. Certified Sea Island Cotton, for those unfamiliar with this special fiber, is the rarest cotton on the planet. Grown exclusively in the West Indies, the soft, full-bodied cotton is the longest staple in existence. It is this long fiber which yields the smooth and super-soft hand of the legendary Sea Island Cotton.