Exclusive Ultrafine Italian Filo di Scozia Cotton Long Pajamas

  • Made in Bergamo, Italy by the reknowned Bresciani family
  • Available in Navy Blue, White, and Steel Grey in Sizes X-Small through 3X-Large
  • Supreme Comfort Non-Marking Concealed Elastic Waistband
  • Breast Pocket with White Trim on All Colors
  • Delicate and extremely soft sleeve and waist hem treatments
  • Available in this Long version as well as the Short Sleeve/Short Pants style

The trademark, "Filo di Scozia" (two ply, long staple,
double mercerized cotton), has always been used to indicate
the highest grade cotton fabrics with unique characteristics
of brilliance, softness, silky hand, solid dyes and, above
all, the ability to maintain these characteristics over

  • The Most Luxurious Cotton Yarn spun exclusively from the
    finest long-staple cotton.
  • The yarn is Combed to eliminate the shorter, weaker fibers.
  • It is Twisted and Doubled; in other words, made up of two identical quality strands. The twisting operation more than doubles its original strength.
  • It is Singed, that is, run across a gas flame which burns
    off any protruding fibers to achieve maximum smoothness and

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