The "Almost Complete List" of Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons creations


The "Almost Complete List"

of Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons Creations

According to Departures Magazine many consider our bespoke shirts to be the finest available. Robb Report agrees, having bestowed multiple Best of the Best awards. What is often missed is that a bespoke maker of shirts also creates other items using the same tools-of-the-trade.

For your edification, here is The Almost Complete List. Why "Almost"? We're always trying new projects to fill clients' requests. Some succeed. Others fail. The successes are added here.

    Created For Ladies and Gentlemen:

Dress Shirts & Blouses
Sport Shirts & Blouses
Casual Shirts & Blouses
Safari Shirts and Shirt Jackets
Cashmere, Wool and Cotton Capes
Doctor's Coats and Lab Coats
Aviator (Captain's) Shirts
Robes & Pajamas
Neckties and Bowties
No-Tie (Nobody Knows) Bowtie
Plain & Patterned Silk & Cashmere Scarves
Driving Shirts
Western Shirts & Blouses
Woven Boxer Shorts (shirt fabrics, not knits)
Plain or Tartan Scottish Cashmere Scarves
Riding Shirts
Silk Braces and Suspenders with:
Leather, Exotic, or Doeskin Ends and
24kt Gold-on-Brass or Sterling-on-Brass fittings
Antique and Contemporary Cufflinks
Contemporary Cufflinks
14K, 18K, Pearl & Onyx Stud & Cufflink Sets
Gold Filled & Enamel Cufflinks
Sterling & Enamel Cufflinks
Mother-of-Pearl Cufflinks
Martial Arts Wear
Custom Belts and Key Cases crafted of:
Alligator, Snakeskin, Teju or Ring Lizard
Italian Cabretta, Ostrich, Buffalo, Anteater, or Steerhide
Dress Casual and Western Belt Buckles of:
14K, Solid Brass, Gold on Brass, Sterling, Sterling on Brass
Waistcoats or Vests
Suede Shirts
Lambskin Shirts
Casual Pants
Casual Shorts
Nehru and Mandarin Collared Shirts and Blouses
Hand-Embroidered Monograms
Digitally Printed Suspenders and Braces
Machine Embroidery
4,000 Stocked Fabrics Including:
Cotton, Wool, Silk, Linen, Cashmere, Cotton & Silk,
Wool & Cashmere, Linen & Cotton, Vyella, Calf Leather, Lamb, Pig Suede, Lamb Suede, Kidskin
And we've made suitcases. Never again!

Additional Items Usually Created For Gentlemen:

Shirts for Tuxedo
Shirts for Tailcoat
"Italian" Collared Casual Shirts
Capri Collared Shirts
Ascots and Cummerbunds


Additional Items Usually Created For Ladies:

Formal Blouses
Lapel Front Blouses
Jewel and Boat Neck Blouses
Lounging Pajamas
Tie-Collar Blouses
Maternity Blouses
Double Fabric Blouse Jackets
Fitted Leather Blouses
"Copy your Favorite" Blouses
V-Neckline Blouses
Front Wrap Blouses
Raglan Blouses
Pullover Blouses
High-Necked Band-Collar Blouses
Full Gathered and Ruffled Blouses
Collarless Blouses
Sleeveless Blouses

    We stock but do not make here:

Merino and Wool Socks
Cotton and Sea Island Cotton Socks
Linen Socks
Silk Socks
Cashmere Socks
Cashmere & Silk Socks
Linen & Silk Socks
Cotton & Silk Socks
Fine Dress & Casual Socks
Cashmere Throws
Hand-rolled Swiss Cotton or Irish Linen Handkerchiefs
Silk Pocket Squares
Outerwear Tops
Cashmere and Lambswool/Angora Scarves
Polo Shirts of Sea Island and Egyptian Cotton, Silk, and Cashmere
Jersey Pajamas
Men's and Women's Swimwear
    Oh, my God . . . You read the whole thing!    

Have an idea but can't find someone to make it?

Just Contact Us. If we can't handle your project we probably know someone who can.

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