Frequently Asked Questions

Please ... don't judge us by the questions. We don't ask 'em ... we just provide the answers!


Q. Can I get my order tomorrow?

A. If we receive your order before 2pm Eastern and you select Next Day Air at checkout, we'll do our best. It would be a very smart thing if you were to call us to make sure. 631-267-7909.

Q. Can I get a Saturday delivery?

A. Certainly if that delivery option is available in your area. Just select that option at checkout and make certain your order is received here by us in East Hampton, NY no later than Noon on Friday.

Q. Is there a minimum purchase for Free Shipping?

A. Yes. The minimum purchase for Free Shipping is $150.

Q. How do care for my new item(s)?

A. Fine quality clothing can last for many years whe properly cared for. Hope you like reading! Care information is here.

Q. What additional fees are there related to International Orders?

A. Aside from the somewhat higher cost of shipping, most governments assess taxes/duties/VAT/fees which must be paid by you at the time of delivery.

Q. How do I exchange an item?

A. We understand that it's difficult to order clothing online. Complete exchange information is here but it's better to contact us for assistance or call us at +1-631-267-7909.

Q. How do I return a gift?

A. Don't. It's tacky. Seriously, congratulations on having such thoughtful friends! Rather than have them feel embarrassed, Click Here for instructions on how to exchange your gift for something you really want. Please know that if you do return a gift, credit card issuers require that we refund the item's cost only to the original purchaser.

Q. Can I request a specific Shipping Date?

A. Talk is cheap. You can request anything you want.
Seriously, yes. Just send us a contact with your order number and desired ship date. Be sure to include your order number. Shipping isn't an exact science, but except for one act of nature named Hurricane Sandy, we haven't missed a targeted date yet.

Q. Can I visit to shop in person?

A. Absolutely! And we'd love to meet you. Be aware that visiting our studio can be dangerous to your wallet. Please call us in advance at 631-267-7909. We like to schedule visits so we can be available to give you our undivided attention.

Q. Do you take Checks and/or Money Orders?

A. Unlike many retailers, we have an overarching appreciation for those who patronize our shop. Yes, we are happy to accept checks and/or money orders by mail, UPS, or FedEx. We're happy to accept carrier pigeons flying in with cash. We're happy to accept a wheelbarrow filled with negotiable instruments. The only payment we will not accept is a bank wire transfer for your first order.

Q. Do you have Lay-A-Way?

A. We can certainly arrange that. Just contact us or call. Be sure to include the items you want to order and your telephone.

Q. Do you have Sales?

A. Every Summer we have our Annual Members Clearance. You must be registered to receive notice. We sell, for example, our discontinued socks in Grab Bags for less than half price. If you are not a registered Member, Create an Account so you don't miss out.

Q. Do you offer Volume Discounts?

A. Sock purchases are discounted by 5% for orders of 6 pairs. 12 or more pairs will earn you 10% off and 24 pairs gets a 15% discount. Larger orders can also earn discounts as you can see here.

Q. Are there any other ways I can earn benefits besides the Annual Clearance and Sock Discounts?

A. Certainly. Just register and you'll immediately begin earning Member Reward Dollars, good as Cash at our checkout.

Q. Do the Reward Dollars expire?

A. Member Rewards Dollars expire 366 days after they are earned. Unless you decline notifications, we'll send you an e-mail about two weeks in advance of expiration.

Q. Can an order be cancelled after it was placed?

A. If it has not been processed we can cancel it. Remember that we try to ship orders received by noon Eastern - and sometimes even later-arriving orders - the same day. So if you need to cancel it's best to call right away.

Q. Do Gift Cards expire?

A. We don't believe that's ethical. If a gift card hasn't been used after two years, we'll try to contact the purchaser and arrange for a refund.

Q. Do I need a personal appointment to order a custom made shirt/blouse or sweater?

A. To order a custom sweater, no. To order custom shirts or blouses, generally yes.

Q. How long does it take to make a custom made item?

A. When is the next day it's going to rain? We can probably answer that with greater accuracy. Why?
How long it takes to make a custom item depends upon many factors. For example, what time of year is it? How busy is our studio? Are the materials in stock or need they come in from Europe? Are we making a simple, rectangular cashmere & silk scarf? Or a complex braces/tie/cummerbund set?

Q. I'm a small retailer, how can I become a seller of some of your selections?

A. We do support a number of smaller retailers and personal style consultants. Please use our contact form and we'll be happy to send you details of our small store program

Q. What happened to Zimmerli?

A. The firm was bought by a venture capital group. As their oldest retailer and one whose sole concern is quality, we were worried. When we asked about their intentions, the first thing we were told was that "nothing would change". A sad word to the wise: Never believe the first thing you are told.

Q. I represent a media outlet and need samples for an editorial photo shoot - how do I do that?

A. Please request press samples using our contact form. You must include the stylist, talent, photog, and call in/return dates. Please submit your request as far in advance as possible.

Q. Why is your merchandise so expensive?

A. We've got 4 kids. Need we say more?
But seriously ... We are a niche shop specializing in providing only the finest quality available from traditional Western European artisans. Items are made slowly and carefully in small batches using the best ingredients available on the planet. Summarized simply, the best quality requires the finest ingredients, the highest calibre of skills, and an inordinate amount of time. None of these are cheap.

Q. Why do nipples show in some of the pictures?

A. Although we try to exercise modesty, let's be serious: We are selling underwear, some of it rather translucent, and most people have nipples.