Featured Artisan: Bresciani 1970

The Bresciani's are a very special family. Not only do they have their own fabulous designs, but they are one of only two wonderful Italian artisans we trust to make our Kabbaz-Kelly designs. Some of the standouts in our exclusive men's and women' socks are Joelle's Sock It To Me horizontal stripe merino thigh-highs and Alexander's popular pima paisleys. Most recently, we were privileged to work closely with the Bresciani family designing the Supremo Reale and Sea Island lines of men's underwear in order to replace the degraded Zimmerli cottons. Without question, the collaboration has been a huge success. Thousands of clients who have upgraded to the Bresciani lines have not only raved about the fit and quality ... but, quite frankly, offered a bit of chastisement that we didn't do it sooner.Thank you Mario, Massimiliano, and Fabio!

Here ... in a few photos ... a quick look through the years at Bresciani 1970.