Marcoliani Spring 2015 Women's: New Fashion Essentials!

A New Direction for Marcoliani Women's: New Fashion Essentials

In the style of all true trend-setters, Marcoliani-Milano has revamped their women's sock repertoire.

In the process they have totally raised the bar for distaff footwear.



Sexy sheers offer the sensuous devil-may-care impetus to night time out-on-the-town high-fashion hijinks while more subtle dots and stripes bring new life to daywear and resort.

No hiding-in-the-shadows tired old saw "Black Rules", these colorful cutsie coochies play havoc with tradition from the ground up!

From Shopping's simple sheer single top band to the complex peek-a-boo of Cocktails and the oh-so-retro Baby Doll, these are the stuff of fabulous fashion fantasy.

Marcoliani Milano Women's Socks 



 Marcoliani Milano Women's Socks


 Marcoliani Milano Women's Socks

Baby Doll

No less striking is the pima cotton daywear collection of Cruise Stripe and Villa Olmo Dots. Heads will turn from ship to shore on and off court.

 Marcoliani Milano Women's Socks

Cruise Stripes

 Marcoliani Milano Women's Socks

Villa Olmo Dots