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From Silicon Valley to Sydney, Secret Handshake to Aphrodisiac ...

Socks Are In The News!

by Alexander Kabbaz

Update November 2016 - From Silicon Valley to Sydney, from the NY Times & Esquire to Vogue and Cosmo, sock style for guys and gals is headlining the news. Given our work, we know that wearing colorful socks can make you stand out and give you a strong boost of confidence. To quote the old Grey Lady, "wearing flashy socks is more than an expression of your personality. It signals that you are part of the in crowd. It’s like a secret handshake for those who have arrived, and for those who want to." Stuck in a rut and still wearing plain Black, Navy, and Charcoal? Read on, dinosaur!
The tech world's Colorful Socks revolution of earlier this decade ... the catalyst which sparked a focus on fabulous foot fashion ... has mushroomed ever since. From boardroom to bedroom, socks are no longer merely insulation for the feet. They are a gender-irrelevant focal point of fashion. Here are a few key points:

Fun Colorful Fancy Socks ... Gender Irrelevant!

  • People: Those who wear colorful socks are exponentially more successful
  • Women: Wearing socks with heels is state-of-the-art fashion
  • Men: Socks rival neckties as the wardrobe's primary color focus
  • Sex: Socks are the key to amazing sex - at least in Australia
You can't make this stuff up! Before you make plans to order a bunch of socks and move to Australia - if you're not already there - let's put some of this in perspective.
People: Those who wear colorful socks are exponentially more successful ...

John Haltiwanger, Elite Daily's Senior Politics Writer, studied the subject in-depth. "Wearing certain clothing can give us the confidence to take on certain tasks, literally changing the way we think and act. Thus, wearing a crazy pair of socks might help us feel braver and more unpredictable, leading us to uncharted waters and, in turn, greater success in life."

Not convinced? Here are a few of many examples:

Travis Kalanick, co-founder of Uber: Prefers hot pink socks but also wears some geeky variations to keep touch with his computer engineering roots.

Former Google/You Tube exec Hunter Walk enjoys crazy colored striped socks as does Twitter's former Director of Communications, Matt Graves.

Joey Flynn, a major designer at Facebook, can't live without his colorful socks.

TV producer Rachel Sutherland - "Jack Bauer's" twin sister - recently grabbed a selection of our cashmere-silk blend in purple, amethyst, orange spice and red. And actor Alec Baldwin showed off his crazily-priced socks in a recent Super Bowl commercial.

Need more evidence? Colorful sock wears include former President George H.W. Bush, Dick Costolo, Twitter’s chief executive; Jim Breyer, an early Facebook investor at Accel; and Om Malik, the founder of GigaOmniMedia.

Rihanna & Cyrus

So why do the socks give a leg up to success? "Success is largely achieved by leaping into the unknown and embracing risk", postulates Haltiwanger. I concur. Those of sufficient mettle to sport socks with flair are similarly likely to see the value in revolutionary, outside-the-box ideas. The pinnacle of sock-cess? President George H.W. Bush in his Polka-dotted Fun Socks over-the-calfs.
Women: Wearing socks with heels is state-of-the-art fashion ...
Don't take it from me. Selena Gomez, the world's top-rated Instagrammer with 95,000,000 followers, said it best in August's Vogue Australia. "'Are you trying to stretch out your shoes or somethin’?' was the response I got the first time I tried to do the whole socks-with-heels thing. Needless to say I decided to reserve that trend for my super fashion-y friends."

Taylor Swift, music idol, is often seen outside her Manhattan penthouse wearing heels with knee-highs or OTK's.

Victoria Beckham? The thigh-highs with heels maven.

Sarah Jessica Parker? OTK's with heels. The list is long. Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, Fern Cotton, Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift ... I could go on. Suffice it to say that 2020 will be the year of socks with heels.

Taylor Swift

Emma Roberts

Men: Socks are on par with neckties as the wardrobe's primary color focus ...
So how do I know this? It's what we do. There is the constant stream of emails and phone calls from clients - both men and women - wanting our assistance in coordinating socks with ties, scarves, handbags, pocket squares and other accessories.

Gone are the days of 'black socks go with everything' ... because they really don't! Coordinating one's socks with navy or charcoal trousers, although still a culture in some old-line boardrooms, is a throwback a style maxim of pre-internet days.

Back in the day, most men's shops - including ours - served their local communities. Their universe of local customers was only large enough to justify keeping inventory on black, navy, and charcoal socks. That's what everyone could get ... so that's what everyone wore.

When we first went online back in the 1990's, that's what we offered. As our universe of loyal clients grew from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands, our ability to offer a much greater selection was justified by our ever-increasing client base.

Importance: Socks = Ties

We recently attempted to figure out how many colors we have in our stock of 60,000+ pairs. One could easily go blind counting polka dots and stripes! We gave up around the thousandth hue. Patterns? From Chili Peppers (a good luck symbol in the home of top-quality socks, Italy) to Paisleys to Corgi's Iconic Scenes of Daytona, Montauk & Miami. And that's not counting stripes and dots of all sizes runing every which way but loose. Oh ... wait. We have loose, too!

Suffice it to say that, if you send me a photo of an accessory, I'll show you a complimentary pair of socks.
Sex: Socks are the key to amazing sex - at least in Australia ...
I know you've been waiting for this one. In a recent article appropriately titled "The Weirdest Turn-On Ever" Australia's Cosmopolitan Magazine said this: "A new study has found the key to amazing sex but it’s the LAST thing we ever expected … If someone told you they had found the holy grail of upping your chances of mind-blowing sex, you’d be all ears, right? You’d probably assume that the answer was eating some kind of magical libido-boosting food or trying some weird ancient breathing technique.

"But the University of Groningen in the Netherlands has found a [different] solution. Researchers found that when women put on a pair of socks 80 percent were able to reach orgasm compared with just 50 percent for those sans socks."

Can a University Study be wrong? Can't hurt to give it a try!

According to the leader of the study, Gert Holstege, socks make us feel cosy and safe. “A pleasant environment, which includes the room temperature, is an important part of making her feel safe, secure and comfortable,” he explained.

While Cosmo's scribe, Edwina Carr, didn't seem to be thrilled with the idea, I took a different approach and put together a beautiful assortment of socks for Joelle. Results of my personal study to come shortly. **

Like I said, you can't make this stuff up!

** Update: The results of my personal study? Suffice it to say, buy your significant other some socks. Today! (Hint: the Cashmere & Silk Blend Thigh Highs offered the best results.)

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