Socks and Heels

The Style Is Everywhere

Socks and Heels

Learn to Rock It!
by Alexander Kabbaz
 “She’s Got Legs . . . She Knows How to Use Them” – ZZ Top

Socks and Heels - the style isn't new ... nor is it waning any time soon.

Midi and maxi skirts have thankfully seen their day.

With above-the-knee and shorter lengths today's prevalent daily wear (when not opting for distressed jeans or shorts), legs are in focus.

What better highlight than a dab of color? A dash of flash bringing focus to those stunning heels.

Stylistic whimsy.

Devil-may-care flair.

   Socks and Heels

Perhaps the ultimate nod to Socks and Heels:

ZZ Top's music video for "Legs".

The geeky sales clerk, whisked away for a style makeover, ends up a total stunner in mini skirt with ankle socks and heels.


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ZZ Top - Legs Video


No, the style isn't new.

Think Natalie Wood in the '60's.

Lead character Terri's opening scene in 1985's "Just One Of The Guys".

1980s: Pants were tight fitting and had ankle space to show.

2019: Skinny jeans ringing any bells?

Socks and Heels ... certainly not a historic artifact.

Selena Gomez' recent facebook post - off-white ankle socks with bone toned heels - we stopped counting around a half-million views. Taylor Swift perfers knee-highs. Ariana Grande and Rhianna sport ankle length styles regularly. Sara Jessica Parker is usually seen in Over-the-Knees or Thigh Highs as is Victoria Beckham.


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Natalie Wood circa 1960s


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Rhianna circa Now


High Heels for Men? It might surprise you to know that high heels for women were an afterthought. In fact, high heels were originally created for men to wear as a form of warhorse riding footwear. The heel served to better secure soldiers' stance in stirrups.

It wasn't until the thirteenth century that the idea of heels for women came about. These platform heels, called chopines and often quite high, were mainly worn to keep mud off of "real" shoes and dresses. It wasn't until the 1800s that high heels abandoned their utilitarian purpose and began their style evolution.


Enough of the Whens, Whys, and Heretofores

Fashion trendsetters seem to have a knack for getting away with styles the rest of us can’t — or think we can’t, at least.

How do you rock Socks and Heels?




Start out by creating a few simple Spring-Summer-Fall casual outfits:

Shorts with a simple spaghetti top or cold shoulder. At the beginning stay with just a couple of colors. Black and White. Fuchsia and White. Jeans with Fuchsia and Blue.


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Fuchsia and White


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Black and White

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Jeans with Fuchsia

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Borrow your BF's Shirt and Rock Glitter Bands

"Borrow" your BF's shirt. Cinch the waist with a contrasting belt. Pick up the shirt's color with socks paired with strappy heels. A glint of gold or silver for the final touch.

Comfortable with the look? Go bold! Scrunch down colorful knee-highs with vividly colored shorts & tops combos.


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Scrunch 'Em for the Bold!

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Heat things up with Leggings

Getting cold out there?

Kick up the heat with socks under leggings.

Again, keep the number of colors down but add a dash of bright.

Heads will turn.


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Cashmere socks & leggings. Yum!
Keep the colors muted. Black, cream, nude, off-white, beige ... all are quite appropriate in business and office settings. Skirts/dresses knee-length or a bit above. Modest tops - tanks or long sleeve. Leave the spaghetti tops for after hours ... or wear a jacket.

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Muted Colors Work Best

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Micro Fishnets and Sheers Work Perfectly

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Keep the Blouse modest




The world is your oyster!

Multicolors are excellent. Brights take center stage. Black goes with everything.

From short anklets to jeweled thigh-highs, everything has a place.

Tasteful Flash is fine ... a silver headband, sterling belt, swarovsky on the heels or crystal embellished thigh-highs.


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Maroon & Gold - Always Appropriate

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Geena Rocero - Micro Fishnet Perfection

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MultiColor with Silk Road Shorties - Rock That Style!

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Black - Always the Go To Color


Pay attention to accessories.

Match that bright bag to the socks.

Complement those red Mary Janes with the same lip gloss shade.

Match the Swarovsky crystals to your jewelry.

Most important?

Find the complements.

If you can't see what's complementing what ... you've gone too far.


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Don't Forget the Swarovsky Flash!
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