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Which Socks Are Appropriate To Warm Your Feet?

by Alexander Kabbaz, Bespoke Clothier & Haberdasher

Studies done over a 132 year period have shown that if your toes are cold you will feel cold all over. What studies? The first study was of my right foot which I studied for 66 years. The second was of my left foot. That was slightly less than 66 years ... I was preoccupied with my right foot.

Archie Bunker science offers indisputable reasons for this.
1] Your feet are the farthest place from your heart. So even though the science of gravity means they're gonna get some of that warm blood circulation, it takes a while to arrive and cools on the way there.
2] Your feet are on the ground. Even the Meathead knows that heat rises. So it's got to be really cold down there.

In all seriousness, Winter's that time of year when most of my incoming calls and e-mails are wondering about the best socks to keep feet warm. First, the basics:

  • Cotton won't do. It gets wet from perspiration and does not remove the moisture from your feet. Wet feet = Cold feet.
  • Shoes too tight won't do. If your toes can't wiggle they will feel the cold.
  • Likewise, socks which are too thick for your shoes will cause the same problem as shoes which are too tight.
  • Trouser/Mid-Calf vs. Over-the-Calf/Knee-High length. Duh! More sock. More warmth!

Tempting As It May Be This Is Not The Solution!

This Is Not The Solution!

Here are the most appropriate solutions:

Merino wool:

Merino has two very important qualities when it comes to warmth.

Firstly, it has the ability to absorb 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. That solves the perspiration problem.

Secondly, merino is a warm fiber. Ask any sheep!

There are two basic types: Our Kabbaz-Kelly by Bresciani 100% Merino and Marcoliani's 80% Merino/20% Nylon. For greater warmth I advise ours. The 100% merino content is warmer. It is also slightly more "cushiony" than the nylon blend thus allowing for more room for toe-wiggle.

Merino For Basic Warmth

100% Merino Socks

100% Merino | Men's 80/20 | Women's Merino

Cashmere Standard (Winter) Weight:

Cashmere is warmer than merino for those really cold days. However, the standard weight cashmere is significantly thicker than merino. It's perfect for boots and weekend casual foot wear but In most cases it will cause dress shoes to be too tight. It is available in a beautiful range of solid colors as well as a stunning Harlequin Diamond design by Bresciani. Scroll down for the solution when wearing fitted shoes.

80% Cashmere/20% Nylon Winter Weight

Winter Weight Cashmere - Women's Shown

Women's Winter Weight

100% Cashmere Winter Weight Harlequin

Pure Cashmere Harlequin Socks

Men's and Women's Sizes Available in the Harlequin

Cashmere Dress Weight:

This is a finer - and significantly more expensive - sock which, being the same thickness as our dress merinos, is the perfect weight to wear with dress shoes.

Knitted by Bresciani of the best Carriaggi yarns on their incredible 240 needle machine, this has been voted the finest dress sock on the planet.

Pure Cashmere Dress Weight - The Finest Sock Anywhere

World's Finest Pure Cashmere Socks

100% Cashmere Dress Socks - For Men and Women

And a couple of solutions just for gals wearing skirts or dresses:

We have developed, in cooperation with Bresciani, two styles of Thigh-High socks just for this purpose.

The first is our Super Thigh High ExtraFine Merino. Possibly the longest socks ever designed, these will offer warmth unlike any other. They are a thick yarn in a special basketweave designed exclusively for beauty and warmth. In most cases these are too thick for dress shoes. Fantastic with boots or Ugg type footwear.

The second style is Bresciani's Cashmere/Silk Thigh Highs. This stunning Fantasie Rib is not nearly as thick as the Super Thigh High Merinos and thus suitable for fitted shoes. The cashmere offers warmth. The silk provides a beautiful luster and increased durability.

Super Thigh-High ExtraFine Merino Socks

Super Thigh-High Merino Socks

See The Socks

UltraFine Cashmere Silk Thigh High Socks

Cashmere Silk Thigh Highs

See The Socks

Those are the best options we can offer for warmth. Of course, a Carribean vacation can accomplish the same goal ... but you can't bring Barbados to the wind-whipped streets of Chicago!

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