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Why shop with us? We have four children. Conrad is just beginning his career; Tucker will be in college (we hope) in another year. So, in short, we need the money. If that doesn't quite cut it ... we can be serious:

Kabbaz-Kelly - Robb Report's Best of the BestJoelle Kelly and Alexander Kabbaz, founders of Kabbaz-Kelly Fine Custom Clothiers, CustomShirt1.com and LuxuryClothing.com, are husband and wife as well as business partners for more than a quarter century. We are not very different from most people except that we have an insatiable passion for only the highest quality apparel that can be found. Excellence in craftsmanship, artisans consumed with inordinate attention to detail, unique fine garments designed with an eye toward longevity whilst maintaining excellent form and function ... these are some of the topics that set our pulses racing.

Our range of products is such that whatever the occasion or desire, seekers of indulgent yet high quality clothing and gifts are assured an incomparable selection of the finest articles that can be found. We favor countries and companies where there is a deep vein of sartorial knowledge, a proud history of careful handwork, and even better ... a family business (like ours) which is actively vested in the creation of their merchandise.

There are a number of e-commerce web sites offering some of the products we sell. There is no other web site offering all of the products we sell which have one common criterion: In each and every case, the product we offer is the best of its type available. During the recession which began in 2008, many formerly topscale stores felt forced to “downmarket”. Rather than keep quality in the forefront, they decided to lower their price points below that which had been their standard.

Kelly and Kabbaz have created for some of the wolds finest shops.Joelle and Alexander's collection of labels from their roster of design clients offers an impressive tale

In contrast to all other retailers of whom we are aware, Kabbaz and Kelly are also makers of fine garments. They have created clothing for many of the world's top stores and designers. During Kabbaz and Kelly’s combined 100+ years of sewing experience, they have personally made woven shirts, suits, coats, scarves, wallets, tennis  & golf clothing, braces, dresses, skirts, neckties, pocket squares, knitted underwear, belts and even suitcases ... as well as hand-knitting a wide variety of custom apparel. In addition, the duo has owned and operated both small 6-10 person sewing workrooms and a number of larger 50+ employee sewing factories.

The extreme advantage of this technical knowledge lies in two areas: The first is in being able to discern with complete confidence the quality of products offered by the various European makers. The other advantage is that the artisans who create our products, aware of Kabbaz and Kelly’s abilities and experience, do not try to foist inferior products upon us. As well, they will strive to make the best they can possibly create with the certitude that it will be carefully and thoroughly scrutinized by four of the most knowledgeable eyes in the field.

In contrast to all other retailers of whom we are aware, Kabbaz and Kelly personally test each and every style of garment before offering it to their clients. These tests include everything from scientific measurements of the fabric to verifying the garment’s ability to withstand multiple launderings and, finally, to repeated wear-testing.

Kabbaz-Kelly shirts as seen in Forbes A Collection of Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke Shirts as seen in Forbes

Unlike most e-commerce sites, we do not choose to offer hundreds of brands. We shall continue to offer only the best-of-class in each and every case.

Our five primary quality criteria for product selection are quite stringent, tested over many decades of service to our clients, and have been thoroughly and continuously vetted using our experience as makers:

  • All products are actually made in: Italy • Switzerland • France • UK/Scotland • Germany • Spain • Portugal • Austria • Our Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons East Hampton Custom Studios
  • The Ingredients are the finest available
  • The Workmanship is the finest possible
  • The Consistency is unchanging
  • We have Personally Verified each artisan’s production

Kabbaz works with esteemed attorney Ed Hayes on his tie selection Right, Kabbaz advises esteemed attorney and "Mouthpiece" author Ed Hayes on Hayes new tie selections

Offering the best clothing solely from these Western European countries and our own Kabbaz-Kelly East Hampton studios, our range for men and women consists primarily of socks, undergarments, leisure & resort wear, swimwear, and outerwear for men and women. Our foremost Italian vendors include Bresciani 1970 (socks and underwear), Gran Sasso (sweaters and polo shirts), Alpo Guanti (gloves), the remaining stock of Cesare Paciotti (underwear, swim, and outerwear), Villa Delmitia (boxer shorts, pajamas, robes, swimwear), and the Gritti Group (buttons). In Switzerland, the fabric for many of our own products is woven by Appenzell’s Alumo, AG, the world’s finest cotton mill. The U.K. group includes Begg-Scotland (cashmere scarves), Todd & Duncan (cashmere yarn), and from Wales, Corgi (sweaters and socks). the remaining stock of France’s Gerbe-Paris (hosiery), and Janine Robin (swimwear) complete our primary supplier list. Without exception, all of these artisans are the best at what they do in their chosen field. We have also a deep stock of Zimmerli products made before the firm, recently acquired by a venture-capital group, began manufacturing in countries other than Switzerland.

Michael Douglas' Kabbaz-Kelly shirts in "Wall Street"While the items we sell are, by their very nature, exclusive and exceptional, it is in the arena of customer service that we strive to outclass all others. Your being able to pick up the phone, speak with an owner of the company, and intelligently discuss the comparative nature of silk, or silk & cashmere for a garment one is considering is without a doubt the linchpin of our consistently excellent reviews both here and on Amazon.

So yes, although having excellent products, elegant presentation, and a number of easily recognizable clients is helpful, what distinguishes us ... the thing that is our greatest and most unique asset ... is the decades-long, proven track record of being the ultimate 'go to' people for anything of the highest caliber, the 'go to' people for information, resources, and lessons about the highest offerings made, the 'go to' people for writers, designers ... and spouses buying extraordinary gifts for their better halves.

Give us a try.

We guarantee your experience will be exactly what you hope for. And if we fail in even the slightest regard, just call us at 631-267-7909. You'll be speaking with one of the two of us and whatever the problem ... if will be corrected immediately and without question.