Thongs vs Bikinis vs Boy Shorts vs Maxi-Panties

Caveat Emptor Comparison Series: PANTIES

Thongs, Bikinis, Boy Shorts & More ... Oh My!

By Alexander S. Kabbaz & Joelle M. Kelly, Custom Clothiers & Haberdashers
Appearance, comfort, and personal preference - in that order - are cited by most. Women have a strong interest in how their choice du jour will be perceived by their partner. The concurrence of opinions between men and women here is the exact opposite of their divergence regarding men's styles!

First, the definitions: There are many basic styles of women's panties.

  • Thong Style 1 - String Thong, a triangle-shaped front with minimal coverage over the hips and rear reminiscent of the string bikini. The high cut legs and thinner sides tend to flatter all equally. This style creates the least panty lines.
  • Thong Style 2 - Hip Thong, has a squarer cut, a slightly higher rise at the front and greater side coverage on the hips. Similar to the string thong, rear coverage is minimal. A solid choice for minimal panty lines.
  • Bikinis - This flirty and feminine style is inspired by bikini bathing suit bottoms. Bikinis are typically low-rise with moderate hip and rear coverage.
  • Boy Shorts - A feminine take on a man's boxer brief, they have a longer, boxy cut extending to the top of the thighs below the crotch line. This style provides greater coverage and ranges from low to mid rise but is still ladylike and incredibly comfortable.

Comparison of Women's Panty Styles

1. String Thong; 2. Hip Thong; 3. Bikini Style; 4. Boy Short; 5. Maxi-panty; 6. Cheekini; 7. Tap pant

  • Maxi-Style 1 - Maxi-Panties are none other than a variation of the classic bikini but with a mid to high rise and sides. This style provides complete, full coverage all around which creates the flat and smooth silhouette most desired under form-fitting apparel.
  • Maxi-Style 2 - Cheekinis are a more playful version of the maxi panty. All the styling remains the same except the featuring of less coverage of the lower butt cheeks peeking out below ... hence the name! The leg openings can be smooth against the body or soft and loose as the lettuce-edged style in the image.
  • Maxi-Style 3 - Tap Pants ... the fun and feminine version of the boy short. Historically these are not a new design. Many women favor the loose leg openings and men's boxer styling enhanced by softer fabrics and touches of lace.
Thongs, in String or Hip Thong styles, are one of the more prevalent options. They have one overarching advantage - no panty lines. When worn under thin or close-fitting pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses, the thong underneath allows for a perfectly smooth outer appearance. Thong panties are always voted number one by men and are quite popular among women seeking a svelte appearance. Thong Styles

Thong Panty Styles: Left - String Thong; Right - Hip Thong

Bikinis, in cotton or silk, are considered the classic option. They are the "quintessential, elegant, and refined - not overly showy" style. Most consider them extremely comfortable to wear. With sufficient coverage both front and rear, bikinis are as modest as they are sensual in appearance. Bikini panties are, by far, the most popular style women buy for themselves and a very close second for most men.

Bikini Styles


Boy Shorts have the unique attribute of a short "leg" which helps prevent riding up and "wedgies". Many men find them to be a sensual choice and the longer sides offer greater comfort than bikini or thong styles.

Boy Shorts

Boy Shorts

"Maxi" Panties come in a variety of styles. The traditional Maxi-Panty offers the fullest and smoothest coverage both front and rear. When enhanced with lace they can be attractive ... but even then don't fall very high on men's list of preferences.

Maxi Styles

Maxi Styles L. to R.: Maxi Panty; Cheekini, Tap Pant

The Cheekini, so called because of the exposed lower "cheeks", is often created with a flirty and appealing lettuce-edge bottom hem. Form-fitting and comfortable to wear, the cheekini is, on the upside, quite sensual. The converse is that this style can cause obvious panty lines ... yet rates quite high among the opposite sex.

Tap Pants serve both as panties as well as hot weather sleepwear paired with a matching tank or spaghetti top. Often created of loosely flowing silk or cotton/silk with beautiful lace hems and side vents, tap pants are extremely sexy and, due to their length, create no lines across the buttocks.

Summing it up ... Preferred fabrics are silk, cotton, a blend of cotton and silk or a plant-based organic synthetic such as micromodal. This is no place for petroleum-based synthetics such as polyester and microfiber or plastic based synthetic fibers like acrylic. Preferred styles among both wearers and lookers are the Thong and Bikini with Cheekinis and Tap Pants not far behind.

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