A Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke Shirt/Blouse: Swiss Sea Island Two Ply Cotton

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Fabric Type: Swiss Sea Island Solid Colors

We have been creating shirts for more than a half-century. According to the American Express Departures Magazine many consider our bespoke work - all done here in our East Hampton studio - to be the finest available. As you will see, there are many choices for you to make. We're always happy to help. Either Contact Us or call 631-267-7909 with any questions you may have.

Sea Island cotton is simply the finest - and rarest - cotton fiber on the planet. Unlike the thinner fibers of Egyptian cotton, Sea Island's fibers have a more substantial diameter. The additional thickness gives greater body to the yarns yielding an opulent, lush fabric. Combined with the extra-long fiber length, which is the longest of any cotton, these unmatched characteristics result in incomparable softness and breathtaking drape. Sea Island cotton is the shirt of dreams. Period.

Before ordering, it would be helpful to read our guide to Ordering Bespoke Shirts. Most importantly, consider our free Ready Made to Bespoke Program. This unique program will allow you to order shirts one-at-a-time with each succeeding iteration being better than the previous one ... without going through an extensive fitting process. There is further information below.

To answer the most often asked questions ... each shirt will be hand cut by itself here in our East Hampton studios. It will then be sewn, finished, laundered, and ironed here before getting on its way to you. Each shirt takes us about 12 hours to make and will be delivered in three to six weeks depending upon season and workload. Orders for multiple shirts may be delivered in more than one shipment.

To repeat ... There is a wealth of information here on Bespoke Shirts ordering and making. We strongly advise that you read the information before ordering.

How to order:

  • If both solid colors and patterned fabrics are offered in your chosen quality, select either from the Fabric Type dropdown list.
  • Click the fabric thumbnail image to enlarge and choose your cloth(s). Type the number(s) of your selection(s) in the Fabric Number box.
  • If you are a new client, select either "Joining" or "Not Joining" the free Ready Made to Bespoke Program.
  • If you are a returning client, you have two choices:
    • Select "My Pattern is On File" and the Size questions will disappear.
    • Select "My Pattern is On File: Make Same as Before" and all other questions will disappear.
  • New Clients (and Returning Clients Making Changes):
    • Select your collar from the Collar Style Selector image or
    • Design your collar using our Collar Renderer by following these instructions and then see how it looks like this.
    • Select a cuff style using the Cuff Style Selector image.
    • Select the treatment you would like for the front using the Front Center Styles image.
    • Complete as much or as little of our Measurement Form as you would like. If you find that difficult, contact us. We have alternative methods which many find easier. In any case, the more information you supply, the better we can craft your shirt.
    • Lastly, use the "Anything Else" box to your heart's content! When it comes to shirts there isn't much we can't do ... but only if you tell us what you want.
Collar Style Selector Collar Style Selector
Cuff Style Selector Cuff Style Selector
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Ready Made to Bespoke Program: This unique no-cost program allows you to order shirts one-at-a-time with each succeeding iteration fitting better than the previous one ... without going through an extensive fitting process. It works quite simply:

  • You order and we make the first shirt. Instead of cutting from our standard patterns, we create an individual paper pattern for you.
  • After wearing and laundering your shirt, you submit four photos to us - Front, Back, Left Side, and Right Side - and any comments you wish to make. Click on the image to see how the photos are done.
  • Using the photos and your comments, we make improvements to your pattern getting it ready for the subsequent shirt.
  • Every time you order, the same process is followed. In our experience, by the third shirt your pattern will be just about perfect.
  • The only requirement to participate is that you agree to order at least one shirt per year to cover the cost of improving and maintaining your individual pattern.

Four Photos for Ready Made to Bespoke program