A Kabbaz-Kelly Exclusive: ExtraFine Two-Ply Egyptian Cotton Over-the-Calf/Knee-High Socks

    • Kabbaz-Kelly ExtraFine Two-Ply Egyptian Giza Cotton Over-the-Calf/Knee-High Socks
    • Exclusively Ours - Made for Us In Italy by Bresciani's unparalleled artisans
    • Sixteen striking colors to compliment virtually any wardrobe selection
    • The lower density of the smaller in-between ribs provides perfect breatheability
    • The mirror-like luster of the cotton is unlike any you've seen in a one-size sock
    • The stretch-ability of the cotton is unlike any you've seen in a one-size sock
    • The hand of the cotton is unlike any you've seen in a one-size sock
    • Hand-Linked with the finest yarn for Unparalleled Toe Comfort
    • The Highest Count One-Size Socks Ever ... Created on the top quality 200 Needle Machine
    • Confidence? The standard Kabbaz-Kelly Guarantee: Show us a better one-size cotton sock and we'll give you ours free
    • Save 5% on purchases of Six Pairs; Save even more ... 10% ... on purchases of 12 Pairs
    • Dress Weight Ribbed Knit Fits Men's U.S. Shoe sizes 6.5-12.5 (EU 38-44)
    • Dress Weight Ribbed Knit Fits Women's U.S. Shoe sizes 7.5-12.5 (EU 38-44)
    • 85% ExtraFine Two-Ply Egyptian Giza Cotton/10% Intimate-Blended Nylon for durability/5% Spandex for comfort

  • The Rest of the Story?
      • Why Did We Decide To Make Our Own?

        We have offered many different "one-size" cotton socks over the years. Marcoliani ... Pantherella ... Facenti ... at times each has made a good sock but frankly, we cannot continue tolerating the inconsistency, the use of less-than-the-best yarns, the high-and-varying percentages of nylon, and the tendency to change colors willy-nilly. Our clients need Consistency! Consistency in Yarn Quality. Consistency in Color Selection. Consistency in Knitting Quality. Consistency in Hand-Linking. These are just a few of the reasons we decided to make our own.

    • What Is So Different About Our Kabbaz-Kelly Cotton Socks?

      Consistency begins with the yarn. We selected Breciani's top Egyptian Giza cotton - the same one used for the ever popular Vanisee - and one which is consistently available in the colors we chose. Rather than the industry wide use of thicker yarns suited to lower-quality 120 needle machines, we used this ExtraFine Two-Ply cotton which is capable of being knitted on the super-high quality 200 needle machine. Significance? A 166% improvement over industry norms.

      Consistency continues with stretch-ability. We lowered the nylon percentage down to 10% from the industry norms of 20%-30% and kept the usual 5% smidgen of Lycra. By using Bresciani's proprietary yarn blending machine - the only one still operating in the industry, we were able to double the stretch-ability of the socks, widely increasing their comfortable size range.

      Finally, we hand-linked the toes which, combined with the 200 needle count, allowed us the use of the finest possible toe-closing yarn for the greatest comfort.
  • And now you know The Rest of the Story.