Begg Large Cashmere Scarf from Scotland-Tartan Plaids

  • Begg of Scotland Scottish Cashmere Scarf
  • 14" x 72" Traditional Pure Cashmere Tartan Plaids
  • Made in Scotland

Begg of Ayr, Scotland has
long been regarded as the finest maker of woven cashmere scarves
anywhere in the world. Though many shops offer Begg, it is the
rare one which sells the top-of-the-line Arran. Even fewer offer
the more substantial 14" x 72" size, opting instead for the much
smaller 11.8" x 60" less costly version. We carry only the larger
scarf size in addition to the double-size stoles and quadruple-size

Begg Arran Cashmere Scarves are also available in Solid Colors.