Custom Made Cotton Canvas Storage/Travel Garment Bag


Many of you know that I travel regularly to client fitting appointments. Being out here in the sticks of East Hampton and not wanting to arrive disheveled, I usually carried my dress clothing in a garment bag. Suit, shirts, ties, shoes, pocket square, socks, and, most importantly, the client's custom file. I needed a one-handed carryable which could hold everything. Nothing less than full travel luggage would fit my needs ... but that was more than I wanted to handle. Owning a sewing studio made the solution simple: I just made my own with all the necessary accessories to fit my requirements.

A client called recently and asked where he could get a top quality, breathable canvas garment bag like the one I brought to his fitting. "China has some canvas bags ... but they're not very good and have no options", I told him. "Can you make three of them for me and my wife?" he asked.

And that's how most of our products have come about. What's that they say about necessity and invention? Needs arise. Solutions result.

Breathable 10oz Cotton Canvas Storage/Travel Garment Bag

  • Custom Made in our East Hampton Studios
  • Available in 42" (suits/jackets) or 60" (coats/dresses)
  • As shown the bag is 4" deep and can comfortably hold 2 suits, 2 shirts, 2 shoes, and a number of ties & pocket squares. We can make it 6" deep at no additional charge which will fit 3 suits, 3 shirts, etc. Just tell us in the Comments box.
  • A plethora of available interior and exterior accessories
  • Wide range of fabric and trim colors
  • Custom Lengths, Widths, and Custom Colors available
  • Not offering what you want? Just Contact Us and we'll design a solution
  • Perfect for coordinating with corporate or team colors ... or your interior decorator's design theme.
  • These can also be made of leather. Contact us to discuss.

The Optional Accessories

  • Lambskin Wrapped Reinforced Webbing Snap Handle - Essential for carrying when folded.
  • Lambskin Security Belt - Keeps clothing in place when the bag is folded for carrying. Shown with belt-style prong buckle. Also available with Velcro or plastic snap buckle.
  • Shoe Bags with Pop Lock Closure - A maximum of 4 bags (2 pairs) will fit comfortably in the interior.
  • Adjustable Garment Security Clips - These are designed to hold the bottom of the garment in place when the bellhop or baggage handler flips the bag upside down. Two clips are necessary for each garment. We can install as many as desired with a recommended maximum of 4 pairs.
  • Exterior Lock Loop - The zipper pull goes through the lock loop and your lock through the zipper pull. The bag cannot then be opened.
  • Side Panel ID Holder - Constructed of crystal clear marine vinyl for greatest scratch-free longevity. Business card size is shown. Any length desired, with a maximum of 4 inches width, can be installed.
  • Square and Circular View Windows - Similarly constructed of marine vinyl, these enable viewing of the garment bag's contents without opening the bag. Though usually placed in the front of the bag, these can also be constructed in the side panel enabling viewing of all the contents.
  • Interior Utility Case - Shown in 20" wide x 15" high, this is ideal for ties, pocket squares, intimate garments, file folders, and more. Multiple utility cases can be installed of any size desired up to 22" wide x 30" long. Shown with snap closures, the cases can also be constructed with zipper or Velcro closures.

A Few Important Ordering Notes:

  • Options you must select: Front, Side Panel, and Rear Fabric Colors plus Front and Rear Trim Colors. The trim colors are what is at the front and rear edges. We have about 40 colors so just write your preference in the box.
  • If you order either a lambskin carry handle or security belt we'll use colors complimentary to the bag colors unless you tell us otherwise.
  • We're always happy to invent new options. If you don't see something you would like, just Contact Us and we'll let you know what we can do.
  • We are often able to get other canvas colors. Just click here and we'll let you know if the color you want is available.
  • Delivery ranges from 2-8 weeks for one or two bags depending upon season and workload. For orders exceeding two bags delivery time will be discussed in advance. If you have a specific need-by date please contact us before ordering.