Full Facial Coverage Mask

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We are making re-useable masks mainly for donation to local medical personnel, postal workers, and employees of essential businesses. Due to the difficulty of following the home-making procedure outlined in our face mask pattern and video we have made masks available for ordering.

Believe me, these are just as difficult for us to make. Each requires more than an hour to construct. We strongly encourage you to try making your own. We remain available to assist should you encounter any technical difficulty.

For those who haven't the necessary facilities/materials we have made them available for purchase. If you try to make a selection and it won't go into the shopping cart it is sold out for now. Please contact us in this case.

NEW: Volume masks for organizations. Click here for details.

NEW: Performance Masks and Bell Covers for Musicians.

NEW - Certifiable Doctor's Mask:
Our Doctor's Mask is infinitely fittable and can be certified by a professional fitter.

Using pop-loc adjusters on the satin size bands, the mask can be precisely fitted to the wearer's head. The Velcro side and under-chin adjusters are then used to fit to the exact dimensions of the face.

Unlike synthetic-lined masks, the soft Swiss cotton interior will not cause acne, marking, or irritation.

Though overkill for casual use, this mask is a wonderful and much-welcomed gift for those at high-risk, front line medical, and emergency response personnel.

Extremely important:

  • These are not N95 certified masks. What does N95 mean? N95 is a grade of filtering material - not a certified mask designation. To be certified as an N95 mask, OSHA regulations require the mask to be individually fitted to the wearer by a professional fitter. Please be cautious as fraudulent claims abound.
  • Orders are limited to no more than 10 masks. The cart will not accept a larger quantity. Small service companies whose employees have face-to-face contact with customers and need more please contact us or see our organization program here.
  • We ship as quickly as masks are produced.
  • Due to occasional delays in the UPS network we strongly advise selecting Air shipping at checkout if your need is time-critical. Selecting Free Shipping or Postal Mail will impact delivery time.

About the masks:

  • The masks are not disposable and can be washed repeatedly following the instructions contained in the mask package.
  • They are available in two sizes: Adult and young Child. If you want a Child size mask please put a note in the Note Box on the cart page.
  • All masks are now supplied with Adjustable elastics and riveted silver aluminum nose bridges.
  • Although the masks are not N95 certified they have been constructed based upon the design principles of the N95 mask. Each is made of an exterior layer of high count cotton broadcloth or twill and body-facing interior layer of Swiss cotton twill. Both layers are heat-fused to hidden interior layers of non-woven particle filter fabric for a total of four layers of protection. The soft cotton twill fabric against the face makes them comfortable to wear.
  • Available Colors/Patterns: We now have many. See the photos and the dropdown list. We are also custom making Corporate Colors, Corporate Logos,  and University Colors masks. See the Corporate Color sample photo.

By ordering these masks from us you specifically agree:

  1. You, or anyone you allow to use the mask, will not hold us liable in any way for any occurrence which results from using the mask whether through misuse or due to defect.
  2. You acknowledge that you understand these masks are not N95 certified.
  3. For our safety we will not accept the return of any mask if the sealed protective plastic package has been opened.

While we realize some of this is stringent, we are not a huge corporation that can ramp up to mass-market production of lower quality items. We have always chosen to offer only the best quality and to take care of our loyal clients and essential personnel first.

Caveat Emptor: What is N95 certified? N95 is a grade of filtering material, not a certified mask designation. In order to be certified as an N95 mask, OSHA regulations require the mask to be professionally fitted so that it seals well around the face. Please be cautious as fraudulent claims abound. The commonly sold "surgical mask" offers the wearer no protection from viruses.

Please see our COVID-19 page for policy and physical changes we have made here at CustomShirt1.com.

Most importantly ... Be Careful and Be Safe.

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