Gerbe-Paris Ibiza On Trend Fishnet Seamless French Pantyhose Tights

$38.92 $97.30
  • Gerbe Paris Ibiza
  • On-Trend Fishnet Seamless Tights with UltraFlat Seamless Waistband and Silk Gusset of Nylon/Lycra/Silk
  • Made in St. Vallier, France by expert French artisans

  • Fashionable Luxury Fishnet Tights

  • UltraFlat and Soft Seamless Waistband

  • Naturally Hygenic 100% Pure Silk Gusset

  • 91% UltraFine Nylon/8% Lycra/1% Silk

  • Smaller Fishnet Toes Suitable for Peep Toe Shoes

  • Available in Noir (Black)