A World's Finest Selection: Hand-Rolled Irish Handkerchiefs in Linen and Cotton

  • Hand-Rolled Linen and Cotton Handkerchiefs
  • A Traditional Gentleman's Accessory
  • Order 3 or More and we'll box them - See photos
  • Linen and Cotton handkerchirfs are hand-rolled in Ireland
  • Hand Monogramming is available on-premises

Linen handkerchiefs have long been a gentlemen's tradition. Long lasting and, once laundered, quite
soft, linen is the original handkerchief fiber. Hand-rolling is an old-world craft which has been rapidly disappearing. Those few artisans who still possess the skill at this art are few and far between ... and, as such, are able to demand good wages for their time.

In addition to the traditional linen, we are now pleased to be able to offer pure cotton. All are hand rolled. We also offer the traditional Hand Monogramming art so rarely available these days. All monogramming is done here in the Kabbaz-Kelly East Hampton studios. Monograms are hand-drawn as the client desires and then stitched with traditional, highly mercerized, French cotton embroidery floss.

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