Kabbaz-Kelly 2x2 Cotton or Linen Custom Made Shirt or Blouse Made-to-Your-Measure

As your free gift, we shall custom make a shirt or blouse completely to your measurements of fine Swiss 2x2 cotton or Irish linen. After you select your gift and check out, we'll send you an email asking with a complete measurements form and instructions, your design preferences, and your fabric color & pattern preferences. We'll ship you a selection of fabrics (solids/checks/stripes) from which you can choose. You can tell us your collar and cuff preferences, e.g. Spread, Point, Cutaway, Band collar, Collarless and  Button, Link, or French Cuffs. We can make literally any size from 12" neck to 24" neck and 22" sleeve to 40" sleeve. Depending upon the time of the year, you will receive your custom made shirt or blouse in 2-6 weeks.