Limited Edition: Bresciani Alpaca & Merino Mid-Calf Variegated Nuance Stripe Socks

    • Bresciani Limited Edition Mid-Calf Alpaca/Merino Socks are available to fit U.S. Shoe Sizes 6.5-14
    • This unique blend serves well as a boot sock and the brilliant coloration works perfectly as a sophisticated casual sock
    • Every sock is slightly different
    • The alpaca/merino construction offers:
      1. Supreme Comfort and Warmth
      2. Incredible Softness
      3. Excellent Wicking Properties
    • Composition: 75% Merino/25% Alpaca
    • Made in Bergamo, Italy by the most talented artisans
    • Technically Superior Sock Foot Shape
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  • Bresciani 1970: The World's Finest Socks
  • Also available in Over-the-Calf
  • Also available for Women
  • Limited to Stock On Hand