Member Rewards Dollars Program V.I.P. Membership


Earn while you shop online with us. We love giving Member Rewards Dollars to our loyal clients. Heck ... we'll even give you money just for creating your account!

Our Member Rewards program is quite extensive. And make no mistake: This is no department store "points" rewards program where 5,000 points will get you a stuffed animal and send you four 'please shop now' e-mails telling you that your teddy bear is on the way.

Ours is just plain simple: A Member Rewards Dollar is exactly that. One Dollar. And the Rewards Dollars you've previously banked are good as cash at our Checkout. Simple as that.

V.I.P. Membership Highlights:

  • 50% additional rewards dollars on every order
  • Double rewards for referred friends orders
  • Free Ground, Air, and International Shipping
  • Free bucks on your birthday
  • Free Bucks for writing a review
  • Advance notice of closeout sales

Our average client orders a dozen pairs of socks and six undergarments per year. Sound like you? If so, you're already in the black to the tune of $100 ... or much more depending upon your socks and underwear preferences. And you received your order the very next day at no additional cost!

Click here for full details - and all the perks - of our Member Rewards Dollars V.I.P. Membership Program.