Musical Instrument Aerosol Particle Filtration Performance Bell Covers


Like our Musician's Face Masks, our Performance Bell Covers are made of ultrafine woven Swiss cotton - not a knitted fabric - and backed with non-woven particle filtration fabric. Except for the flute cover which uses a Velcro closure, all of the bell covers have an elastic border which securely affixes them to the instrument's bell. Musician testing has verified that there is no discernible restriction on the sound vibrations or amplitude passing through the bell cover.

Why would you want to order our more expensive woven cotton bell covers when many cheaper types are available? If you merely want to provide the appearance of virus transmission prevention, you wouldn't. However, if you are genuinely concerned about the health and safety of those under your direction, a cheap knitted cover is not a wise option. Why? Woven fabrics do not stretch whereas Knitted fabrics stretch. When a knitted fabric (often called "spandex" or "jersey") is stretched to cover the bell, the holes between the fabric yarns become much larger and are no longer efficient against aerosol transmission. In fact, as shown in the recent Duke University study, knitted fabrics can often make the transmission of particles worse than if no bell cover or mask at all was used.

When coupled with our Musician's Face Mask the ultimate mitigation of aerosol transmission can be achieved.

Bell covers are available in many colors (see the dropdown) for all brass and woodwind instruments.

Bell covers can be embroidered in virtually any color with organization or personal initial lettering at an additional cost. Should you want your cover embroidered, please click here after ordering.

Pricing Notes: The Flute bell cover and the French Horn cover w/Hand Hole are more difficult to make which makes them more expensive. Smaller covers, e.g. Clarinet, are more difficult to construct than larger covers which makes them a bit more expensive.

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Most importantly ... Be Careful and Be Safe.

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