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Pure Italian Silk Hand Rolled Pocket Square - White/Black Eyes 007

$44.50 $75.00
  • Italian Silk Pocket Square - White/Black Eyes
  • Pure Italian Silks Hand Rolled by Talented Artisans

The silks were hand cut, hand folded, and hand-rolled. Squares that have been so uniquely made, you can't help but notice that each has its own individual character.

The hand-rolled silk square is one of the obvious differences between simply dressing ... and dressing elegantly. It is expected that a properly dressed gentleman will be wearing a tie. The extra thought of a pocket square sets apart those who consider their dress to be more than just checking the required boxes. How the pocket square is folded - see the photos for examples - makes most multi-color squares useful across a range of color coordination requirements.

Complimentary or coordinated? It is not necessary that the pocket square match all of the colors of your tie and/or socks. More interesting is to select one or two predominant colors which are well matched and then let the individual character of each accessory make a statement of its own. A bit of experimentation with the color wheel - orange compliments purple - will serve you well.