Silk-Trimmed Sea Island Cotton Pajamas by Kabbaz-Kelly

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According to Departures Magazine many consider our custom work to be the finest available. We have been making bespoke shirts, pajamas, robes, boxers, scarves, braces, suspenders, and much more for greater than 50 years. After many requests, we have decided to offer our Sea Island cotton ... and even higher-count cotton ... pajamas online. As you will see, there are a number of choices for you to make. We're always happy to help. Either Contact Us or call 631-267-7909 with any questions you may have.

We are offering three different fabric types:

  • Swiss Sea Island two-ply 120s cotton - all the characteristics of the legendary cotton
  • Swiss UltraFine two-ply 170s - very Light Weight and incredibly fine
  • Swiss UltraFine three-ply 160s - soft and supple in a heftier Winter Weight
These are the finest Swiss fabrics in existence. All pajamas are created with handmade, lustrous silk satin trim and our signature Mother-of-Pearl laser-engraved buttons. Why handmade silk trim? All the usual trims used industry-wide are either rayon acetate or cheap cotton blends. We don't believe these appropriate for a truly elegant pajama. We wanted luster ... a piping that "pops"! So we made our own. Time-consuming but worth the effort.
Naturally, we can make pajamas of any of our other 4,000+ stocked fabrics. Just Contact Us or call 631-267-7909 if you would like to order a fabric other than the solid colors.

Shorty Summer Style are also available. You'll see choices under Men's or Women's, Long or Short. You can select

  • Short Pants and Short Sleeves
  • Short Pants and Long Sleeves
  • Long Pants and Short Sleeves

You'll see that you have a number of available options in addition to fabric selection.

  • We can add side and/or rear pockets to the pants
  • We can change from a button front elastic waist to a closed-front style or drawstring style
  • We can add or subtract pockets, as desired, on the top
  • Pockets can have flaps if wanted
  • Pajamas can be monogrammed - just go here and select your style
  • Have a desire we haven't listed? Just call us at 631-267-7909 and we'll let you know if it can be done

To answer the most often asked questions ... each pajama will be hand cut by itself here in our East Hampton studios. It will then be sewn, finished, laundered, and ironed here before getting on its way to you. Each pajama takes us about 16 hours to make and will be delivered in three to six weeks depending upon season and workload. Orders for multiple pajamas may be delivered in more than one shipment.

Silk-Trimmed Sea Island Robes are also available here.

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