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Though we've made a huge range of men's and women's couture boxer short styles for decades, they have heretofore only been available in-person. The incredible success of our online bespoke boxer program and the many requests we have received have prompted this comprehensive addition to our online range.

The choices are vast. Please take the time to read about all of the available options before making your selections. In some cases, certain options are not compatible with others. Should you select a style which "does not play well with others", we'll contact you before proceeding with your order.

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Available Fabrics:

Sea Island Cotton, UltraFine Swiss Cottons, Silk Satin Charmeuse, Lightweight Irish Linen, Swiss Cotton Voile, High Body 3x3 Swiss Cotton, and Swiss Cashmere/Cotton are shown in the fabric images below. We offer qualities ranging from 2-ply 100s to 2-ply 240s, the finest available. We have over 4,000 fabrics in stock. Should you desire something not shown, just Contact Us. To select your fabric, write the Fabric Number or Color Name shown on the swatch in the Fabric Selection box.

In terms of fabric "weight" we are now offering the ultra lightweight Swiss Cotton Voiles in addition to standard weight Broadcloth and heavier weight High Body 3x3 Swiss Cotton. The voiles, which are the epitomy of breathability, are translucent whereas broadcloths are opaque. The Irish Linen, also extremely breathable, is translucent in the lighter colors and closer to opaque in the darker colors. The High Body 3x3 Swiss Cotton is a 3-ply (3x3) broadcloth, equally as soft as the 2x2 170s, but with more heft for those who prefer a heavier short.

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Swiss Broadcloths
Swiss High Count Cotton Broadcloths

2x2 120s
Cashmere Cotton Blend

Irish Linen
Swiss Voiles
Swiss Sea Island Cotton

Important Note: If you select Cotton, you must also choose the Swiss Cotton Type which conforms to your fabric choice. The High Count Broadcloths, Sea Island, High Body 3x3, and the Swiss Cotton Voiles have an upcharge over the basic cottons.

Available Style Options:

1] Waistband Style: The unique Silhouette Shaping Front Plunge Yoke has never before been offered online. It is the crème de la crème of shorts waistbands. Adding the Trapunto Stitching detail, if desired, creates an exceptionally attractive style. Available with either three or four mother-of-pearl buttons, the comfort of this style is outweighed only by its exquisite appearance.
Trapunto Stitching
Front Plunge Yoke
1B] Optional Two Color Design: The Silhouette Shaping Plunge Yoke design is available is a two-color style as seen in the photos. If you select the Plunge Yoke options for designing your unique two-color style will be shown. It is not possible to mix different fabric types (e.g.: Cotton with Linen or Linen with Silk) for the two color style.
Trapunto Stitching
Front Plunge Yoke
The Point Front Waistband Closure, while not as detailed as the Plunge Yoke, adds a rarely seen feature ... and a bit of size adjustment. Point Front Waistband
The above waistband styles are not made with elastic and will necessitate choosing one of the following Size Adjuster Styles.
2] Size Adjuster Styles: Necessary on boxers which don't have a full elastic waistband, Size Adjusters come in three types:
  • Simple Rear Elastic will offer the tension necessary to keep the shorts at the proper place but not provide a great deal of size adjustment.
  • The other two options of Rear Tab-Belt with Buttons are available in two iterationas and are significantly more difficult to create.
    1. The 4-button offers a range of size adjustment up to 4 inches
    2. The 6-button offers a range of size adjustment up to a full 6 inches.
  • Moreover, the unique Tab-Belt construction is quite attractive.
Size Adjuster Styles
If you elect to have no size adjuster style we must have your exact waist measurement and cannot gurantee comfortable fit. Please put that measurement in the Comments box.
3] Important Sizing Information: If ordering Women's Sizes, please give us your waist and hip measurements in the Comments box. For Men's Sizes, If you opt out of Size Adjustment, please give us your exact waist measurement in the Comments box.
4] Leg Side Vents: These are not only an attractive style feature. They offer significantly more comfort and freedom especially when walking. The longer the vent the more freedom. The longer the shorts, the more necessary the Side Vents become. Both Pointed Top Vents and Square Top Vents are available with openings ranging from 1" to 3". We can make them even longer if desired. Just let us know in the Comments box.
Leg Side Vents
5] Shorts Length Choices: Four lengths are available as shown in the photo. From longest to shortest ... Long, Classic, Short Rise, and Eurostyle. The dropdown menu gives a range for the dimensions of each length. Standard length naturally varies by size. For example, the Medium Eurostyle Leg Length is about 9" but the Eurostyle 3XL is closer to 12". The shorter lengths are more comfortable for walking than the longer ones but "coverage" is also a consideration.
Shorts Length
6] Seaming Preferences: Shorts can be made with Side Seams Only, Double Rear Seams, or Side Seams and Rear Center Seam. The Double Rear Seam is designed to avoid a sometimes uncomfortable rear center seam. As well, it generally fits better than the Side Seam Only style as it shapes the rear to conform more accurately to the body. The Side and Rear Center Seam style has the rear center seam for shaping. We offer the Side Seam Only model for those who prefer no seams at all in the rear. Because no rear shaping is possble, the Side Seam Only style is somewhat more baggy in the rear.
Seaming Preferences
7] And more ... Want a monogram? Add it here. Don't see an option for something you would like? We can probably create it. Or a fabric not in the charts? Just Contact Us before ordering.

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