Featured Artisan: Marcoliani-Milano

Featured Artisan

We have special relationships with a select few of our best artisans. Here's a look behind the scenes at Marcoliani-Milano ...

In 1947 Giuseppe Gatti began his business by growing silk worms in his attic and selling the cocoons to the Brianza's silk mills. It is in this region between Milan and Lake Como that Giuseppe found a job with a sock manufacturer and developed a passion for all things beautiful and well done. A few years later, Giuseppe founded "Calzificio Italiano".

A Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes!


Marcoliani's forte lies in the arena of what are usually called "One-Size" socks. These are socks with a small percentage of the more stretchy and durable nylon fiber which permits the socks to comfortably fit a wider range of shoe sizes.

The beautiful socks of Marcoliani

Marcoliani socks - The finest fibers

The Marcoliani Men's Play-with-Color collectionIn the 1980's Erminia, Carlo and Paolo Gatti, the three children of founder Giuseppe, launched the company into the international arena with a top quality line of men's socks. A short while later, at our request, a select group of the men's styles were redesigned and resized for the distaff.

In 2007, Kabbaz-Kelly became the first major men's specialty shop to offer the Marcoliani collection in the U.S. Working closely with the Gatti family, Alexander and Joelle assisted with the creation of new styles including the wonderful Sea Island cotton collection. In reaction to the absolute dearth of top-quality socks for the distaff, Kabbaz-Kelly redesigned a selection of the men's styles into Marcoliani's first collection for ladies. Now, more than a decade later, the Marcoliani womens' collection has taken on a life of its own.

Manufacturing luxury socks since the 1950s, Marcoliani remains an extraordinary example of Italian excellence. Combining the uniqueness of handmade products, a long tradition of family values, and a keen awareness of the benefits of high tech innovation, the Gatti family has created one of Italy's true gems. 


Marcoliani's Beautiful In and Out style 

Above: The beautiful "In and Out" design in the women's collection. Below: The versatility ... from knee-high to no-show loafer socks.

Marcoliani: From Loafer Socks to Over-the-Calf

True to their family roots, Marcoliani has chosen to keep all its production in Italy instead of relocating offshore. A commitment to archival research helps the Gatti siblings strike a perfect balance between tradition and tasteful fashion.

Below: The Fabulous "Merino Fun Dots" Series for Men and Women

Marcoliani: The Fabulous Fun Dots Series