Lingerie Men Want Women to Wear

The Lingerie Men Want Women to Wear

by Alexander Kabbaz

The lingerie men want women to wear. A topic which may surely shatter long-held beliefs.

Men think differently from women! Surprise! :-)

Men are more concerned with what lingerie "means" than how it "looks". While women generally consider the appearance of a guy in his underwear, men think not so much about how the lingerie looks on his gal, but more about what happens when the lingerie is strewn about the bedroom floor. A time-honored difference and one which involves more than just lingerie style.

A few surprises right at the outset:

  • Lingerie Color is among men's top criteria

  • Fabric selection is also high on the list

  • Camisoles can be much sexier than bras

  • Panty lines are considered sexy

Colors are at the Top of the Preference List

Now that many of your lifelong assumptions have become irrelevant, let's move on to specifics:


The most preferred camisole top for "date night" is the Spaghetti top. Revealing though modest, the style accentuates curves yet leaves further discovery to the imagination.

While lace wins out over plain trim, it isn't considered essentital - just a bonus. Under the cami? A significant number of men think of push-up bras as "false advertising". Guys would prefer a softer look somewhat closer to reality - or nothing at all - under the camisole.

Spaghetti Tops - The Favored Camisole

Just after the spaghetti cami is the form-fitting tank top. While not trying to "look sexy", a flattering tank simply is sexy. The exciting combination of casual-yet-confident.

Both spaghetti tops and tank tops can also serve a dual-purpose role. Worn under a suit or business-fashioned jacket, they serve as daywear. As evening arrives, sans jacket, they morph into appropriate tops for an intimate dinner ... and more.

Tank Tops - Relaxed and Confident

Though not usually considered underclothing, a form-fitting cap sleeve top - a sort of t-shirt lingerie - gets high ratings.

Also not worn as underclothing and rounding out the most male-appreciated lingerie styles is the nighty or nuisette.Generally a bit above the knee and made of an alluring, lustrous fabric, this age-old - and quite comfortable - garment can be a real head-turner for many men.

L. to R.: Cap Sleeve T-Shirt & Boy Short, Spaghetti Top as Daywear, Nuisette

L. to R.: Cap Sleeve T-Shirt, Spaghetti Top as Daywear, Nuisette

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Top of the list? No surprises here. Thongs and g-strings will make most guys swoon.

Some unexpected candidates follow those obvious choices. The traditional bikini panty - by far the top-seller bought by women ordering for themselves - falls below cheekinis and boy shorts on the list of men's preferences.

Left to Right: Cheekini, G-String, Thong

Not-so-surprising? Granny panties are simply a no-no. A not-in-this-lifetime choice.

And The Rest:

Stockings, garter belts, and heels

A majority of men prefer stockings and garters - or thigh-high "stay-ups" - over the omnipresent nude-like-Mom-used-to-wear pantyhose.

On the upside, sheer, sexy tights with interesting patterns ... or made of fishnet ... don't fall into the underwhelming "pantyhose" category.

Heels both accentuate the shape of the butt as well as offering a touch of elegance - something many men expressed missing in a more minimalist modernity.

Garters, Stockings, and Hells complete the Ensemble

So what did men place highest on their wish-list along with the style being worn?


Without question, red was the clear favorite. Men consider red the color of love; of passion. And make no mistake - it's Red with a capital R. Not pink. Not burgundy or fuchsia. Red. Scarlet Letter Red. Get the drift?

A not-too-distant second? Black. Or a combination of Red and Black. Or more muted colors trimmed with black, for example, Ivory with Black trim.

Lavender and heathery tones of silver also scored well. Stay away from the traditional "baby" colors - pastel blues and pinks - unless you're planning a night alone.

Red: The color of Passion


Soft and slinky top the list. Silk/Cotton blends. Satiny finishes like the extremely soft MicroModal. Soft, stretchy cottons. Anything containing Cashmere.

Stay away from the "squeakiness" of polyester, viscose, and pure nylon or the cheaper, heavier "active/sport" cottons and blends found in many "big-box" store intimates departments.

Our Own Tanami Silk & Cotton Blend

Our Own Silk & Cotton Blend ... With and Without Lace

Some interesting tips:

Studies have shown that a significant majority of men, though they may not admit nor act on it, tend by nature to be polygamous rather than monogamous. Use this to your advantage by wearing different lingerie styles. The same woman dressed differently gives an illusion of variety.

Don't rush to undress. Men are quite titillated by the illusion of nudity conveyed by sexy lingerie. But when you do ... remove with dramatic flair! Like wildly ripping the wrapping off a present!!!

How did we arrive at these results? We used a few sources. Tallying more than 30 years of lingerie gift orders and soliciting opinions from some of the men who placed them was a wonderful repository of information. We also asked some of our women clients for their guy's opinions on the subject. Finally, we verified our results using internet research. Although statistics varied all over the lot due in the main to "journalistic license", the consensus was generally in line with our conclusions.
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