World's Finest Woven Boxer Shorts

The World's Finest Woven Boxer Shorts™

Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons World's Finest Boxer ShortsAs you know, our overarching concern in everything we offer is that the quality be the best available. Period. When our former Swiss supplier decided to move the production of their woven cotton boxers to Poland and Bulgaria, we resolved to create the finest woven boxers ever made.

Our first thought was for the cotton. After three quarters of a century making bespoke shirts, there was no question. Alumo is the finest cotton weaver on the planet so we headed straight to Appenzell. Fabric in hand, we turned to design. Again, our decades of pattern-making experience played a key role during the twelve months of making samples and testing fit. With the thoroughly vetted designs under our belt, the next concern was buttons. Here again there was no question. Pearl was the only acceptable solution ... so it was off to Italy's reknowned Gritti, spa. Carefully milled and laser-engraved, our precious buttons arrived a few months later. In the interim our favorite maker, Milan's Villa Delmitia, began testing the patterns in a small production. We found beautiful, hinged clear plastic boxes - great for storage after taking out the boxers - which perfectly fit our boxers. We tied the whole thing up in a bright red, gold embossed ribbon and our testing was finally done.

Finally, everything was right. Production began. A few months later our long-awaited booty arrived.

Here's a summary:

  • Designed and Tested by Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons bespoke makers
  • 2x2 Mercerized and Singed Swiss Cotton woven by Alumo of Appenzell, Switzerland
  • The best Laser-engraved White Pearl Buttons by Italy's Gritti, spa.
  • Careful and Talented stitching by Italy's finest Artisan, Villa Delmitia of Milan
  • Created in 5 different fabrics in Sizes Small through 3XL
  • Available with or Without a button on the fly (Contact Us after ordering to have the fly button)
  • The Kabbaz-Kelly Challenge: Show us a better ready-made woven boxer and Ours Are Yours Free!

2x2 100's Pinpoint-style Cotton Broadcloth

2x2 170's Cotton Voile Stripe

2x2 120's End-on-End Broadcloth

Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons World's Finest Boxer Shorts Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons World's Finest Boxer Shorts Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons World's Finest Boxer Shorts

A Fuller-Bodied Cotton Pinpoint-Style
Available in White or Powder Blue

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2x2 170's Swiss Voile Stripe is Simply
The Finest Stock Service Cotton Boxer Ever Made!

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Our Mid-Weight 2x2 120's End-on-End
Available in French Blue or Charcoal Grey

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Guys: Guard Your Drawers!

Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons World's Finest Boxer Shorts Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons World's Finest Boxer Shorts
A Unique and Talented Collaboration

These are Extremely Girl Friendly!
Guys ... Guard Your Drawers - Literally

All Wrapped Up In A Red & Gold Ribbon